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Intrigue Films is a film and television production company that specializes in producing “Hollywood” caliber films that are entertaining, inspiring, and founded on a Christian worldview. 


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Grace Wins

Post-Production Completed

Grace Wins is a faith-based film that follows Brian, who is struggling with substance addiction, as he navigates through a life filled with thorns and briars only to realize that Jesus wore a crown of thorns in his place. It highlights the bravery of Angela, Brian’s girlfriend, who helps him discover the depth of true love in the midst of chaos. Additionally, the story follows Samuel, an unconventional counselor, who cultivates spiritual renewal for Brian through his life-changing wisdom. This realistic film seeks to encourage its audience by showing the redemptive nature of God’s Grace and love for us.

Beyond Belief

Production Begins in 2024

It’s 1985 and Andy, a teenage outcast who is struggling with the recent loss of his larger than life father, believes he is hearing the voice of God telling him to run in the town Marathon. With his home and family at stake, Andy must now choose between faith and logic as he embarks on a journey that will change his life forever.

Now Streaming

Releasing in 2024

Evan tries to convince his rigid friend Jack, who is stuck in the past, to sign up for a streaming platform while visiting the last remaining video rental store in Phoenix.

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One Hit From Home

Currently streaming at Pureflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, and more!

After a devastating knee injury suddenly ends Jimmy Easton’s pro baseball career he is forced into coaching a struggling college baseball team.

Good Grief

In Development

A Christian grief recovery therapist counsels twelve people struggling to cope with the loss of their loved ones.

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In Development

With a catastrophic event, known as the Roche Limit, set to destroy earth in 30 days, a jaded Nasa Astronaut is sent to rescue a scientist who holds the key to humanities survival.

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